"My favorite book of yours to share with my summer interns is "Brand Building For Profit". It's amazing how many people don't know that so many brands are operated like empires. I absolutely love when designers "make it big" in the industry AND aren't under the giants' umbrellas. Thank you, Frances Harder, for being incredibly motivational!"

Sahar Vahidi, User Interaction Director

Hope you are in perfect health and having a joy filled week. Its me Romiean, the underwear guy with the English cap. I just wanted to thank you for spending time in Miami and giving me advice on how to strategize with my brand of underwear.  I went on your website to try and give a testimonial but I must not be doing something correctly. Could you please let me know how to give your book a great review. It has been such a HUMONGOUS help for me. Its my Fashion Bible. I swear I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have thus far without it. I truly recommend this book to the masses and should probably place it in fashion schools across this nation. 

Again thank you and I hope your having an awesome week. moji

Romiean Marcell Cooper

My first goal in 2017 is to read Fashion for Profit.

"What is your New Years resolution? Mine is to read Fashion for Profit in 2017. My goal is to learn more about starting my own fashion brand. Specifically, I want to learn about the finance and bookkeeping side of starting a clothing line. Chapter one overviews the major steps in manufacturing a garment. After reading the chapter one point stands out from the rest: your first collection is the easiest".

Full Review click here

Chris Walker, Garment and Textile Expert in Saigon

"When I started researching how to start my sun glove business I stumbled up on FBI and saw all videos available to a neophyte entering the fashion industry. They were helpful and gave a more focused direction in certain aspects of my business. Most importantly, I read Fashion for Profit cover-to-cover which was invaluable. I highly recommend to anyone starting on their own path of creating a fashion ecommerce business read France's book and join FBI.  FBI's educational videos are from those specialized in the industry. Save yourself time and heartache and don't reinvent the wheel, gain your knowledge from those 'in the know'."

Patricia, PalmFree™SunWear, LLC


“Being a novice in the fashion industry, Fashion for Profit has helped me develop the skills that mu fashion venture needed to become successful. Frances Harder is one of the most Influential people I have ever met and has heart as big as Texas. Buy this book!!!”

Kathy D. Woods, KDW, A Clothing Line Designed for Little People

“I first read Fashion for Profit by Frances Harder almost ten years ago and realized then, as I do now, what an important contribution this book is to anyone staring a new apparel business. It is a comprehensive, reality based book and easy to ready. In fact I will go so far as to say, it is a must read for any apparel startup.”

Susan Power, DG Expo and About Sources

“Fashion for Profit is the most comprehensive guide to the entire fashion industry! It teaches anyone wanting to get into fashion, how to survive in this industry and how to properly prepare for it financially, creatively and emotionally. There are smart techniques that will help you develop your business and the pitfalls to watch out for. Thank you Frances for sharing your experiences with us!!!”

Marguerite Moye, Freelance Designer, LA

“As a former fashion student, Fashion for Profit is the most relevant, Comprehensive guide to the fashion business on the market. It’s an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to start a business in the apparel industry. In design school I read many books, but none that covered every single aspect of creating a business in fashion in such a practical way. I bought the book on the recommendation of the store clerk. I am in the process of staring my own business and I reference the book constantly. This book is worth every penny… two thumbs up!”

Gretchen Privett

“As someone who has worked in retail for the past 20 years I didn’t think there was much more to learn; I actually purchased Frances’s bool for my team hoping they could benefit from it. I was so impressed with the information, from business plan writing to execution of manufacturing that I read it cover to cover.  This book should be required for anyone thinking about working in the fashion industry”

Allie Stern Samek, Director of Operations at Ron Herman

“From all fashion designers to Multi-line companies they will captivated by this succinctly written and well-organized book called Fashion for Profit. Focusing on what matter for any level apparel company. The text describe each stage from apparel costing, to fining sales representatives and to selling the line to large merchants. There are numerous tittle available on the apparel industry; however, this one stands out because you fell that what is written in this comprehensive book is what you see.”

Eli Pirian Bacci

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